Stephen Angus Peter Junor

Stephen Angus Peter Junor

Freelance Journalist / Editor

University of Liverpool - MA in (Research Methodologies) Globalisation and Development. My main interests: geopolitics, sustainability + environment -

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Open uri20170825 20351 ov8ztd?1503684675

The new scramble for Africa

My look at the race to trade with Africa and China's growing relationship with the continent

Open uri20170825 20351 13s8tfb?1503687637

Euro-African trade signifies changing relations

Euro-African trade is designed to foster a more equal relationship, but is this really the case?

Open uri20170823 23236 s86jin?1503463627

Urbanisation and China’s future

Since economic reforms implemented by Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970’s, urbanisation in China has been relentless and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Open uri20170823 20531 1ps3dff?1503463627

Environmental challenges of urbanisation

China’s urbanisation plan is designed to boost the economy by increasing domestic consumption and connecting more people to the global workplace.

Open uri20170825 20362 145l8ew?1503690376

The independence referendum will have a lasting effect on UK politics

My look at why the independence referendum in Scotland will have a lasting effect on Scottish and UK politics