Stephen Angus Peter Junor

Stephen Angus Peter Junor

Freelance Journalist / Editor

University of Liverpool - MA in (Research Methodologies) Globalisation and Development. My main interests: geopolitics, sustainability + environment -

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Spain's gag law strikes at the heart of its grassroots culture : Aug ...

I look at how Spain's gag law is restricting citizens' right to protest

Thediplomat 2014 12 17 13 58 19 386x261 article
The Diplomat

Lima: Climate Change Optimism Returns to Earth | The Diplomat

I analyse the debates that took place during COP20 in Lima and look to the year ahead

Democratising spain article

Podemos: Reclaiming Democracy

My piece looking at the context and mish-mash of influences that allowed Podemos to emerge

Thediplomat 2014 12 06 07 19 39 386x257 article
The Diplomat

Why India Is Key to a Climate Deal | The Diplomat

Recent bilateral initiatives between the US and China to reduce carbon emissions has shifted the focus towards the world's 3rd largest emitter, India

Thediplomat 2014 09 30 06 44 50 386x260 article
The Diplomat

China's Climate Change Paradox | The Diplomat

China is a global leader in paving the way for a green economy driven by renewable energy, yet it is the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide and its emissions have yet to peak. In this piece I explore how the ruling CCP manages this paradox, reflecting on the wider implications for an emissions reduction agreement.

Open uri20140321 20318 1e5ge8b article

Social media changing the protest landscape in China

Despite state censorship and political repression, social media is changing the protest landscape in China.

Thediplomat 2014 09 02 13 41 41 386x235 article
The Diplomat

India: The Odd BRIC Out | The Diplomat

I explore why India must balance relations with historical Western ties and its emerging BRICS partners

Unfccc article

Complex Politics Permeate Climate Change Negotiations

Perceived tension between SDGs and the UNFCCC process leads to a complex political situation

Open uri20140501 27203 lnlixa article

Green Energy Revolution: China

Despite many failings, China is making concerted progress towards a low-carbon sustainable future

Open uri20140721 16380 43fbsy article

The new scramble for Africa

My look at the race to trade with Africa and China's growing relationship with the continent

Africa article

Euro-African trade signifies changing relations

Euro-African trade is designed to foster a more equal relationship, but is this really the case?

Header 5405d1ad11258bb871000035 article

Independence movements within Europe reflect a changing world

I examine some of the similarities between various independence movements in Europe, highlighting that many are driven by a desire for more local and representative politics

Balkanization junor 258x300 article

Balkanization within a Globalizing World

My look at the unique forms of nationalism within Scotland and Catalonia

Ed miliband article

A Crisis That May Define the Future of the Labour Party

My look at why the Labour Party needs to devolve power within itself and pursue a more radical social agenda

Open uri20140501 17702 11c2u18 article

Urbanisation and China’s future

Since economic reforms implemented by Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970’s, urbanisation in China has been relentless and it shows no signs of slowing down.