Stephen Angus Peter Junor

Stephen Angus Peter Junor

Freelance Journalist / Editor

University of Liverpool - MA in (Research Methodologies) Globalisation and Development. My main interests: geopolitics, sustainability + environment -

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Thediplomat 2014 12 17 13 58 19 386x261 article
The Diplomat

Lima: Climate Change Optimism Returns to Earth | The Diplomat

I analyse the debates that took place during COP20 in Lima and look to the year ahead

Thediplomat 2014 12 06 07 19 39 386x257 article
The Diplomat

Why India Is Key to a Climate Deal | The Diplomat

Recent bilateral initiatives between the US and China to reduce carbon emissions has shifted the focus towards the world's 3rd largest emitter, India

Thediplomat 2014 09 30 06 44 50 386x260 article
The Diplomat

China's Climate Change Paradox | The Diplomat

China is a global leader in paving the way for a green economy driven by renewable energy, yet it is the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide and its emissions have yet to peak. In this piece I explore how the ruling CCP manages this paradox, reflecting on the wider implications for an emissions reduction agreement.

Thediplomat 2014 09 02 13 41 41 386x235 article
The Diplomat

India: The Odd BRIC Out | The Diplomat

I explore why India must balance relations with historical Western ties and its emerging BRICS partners